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Woman to Watch :: Abbi Miller

Abbi Miller spreads sunshine and positivity everywhere she goes. She is truly a boss babe who has made a name for herself and continues to thrive. A graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Laughing Lotus College of Yoga, Karma Kids Yoga Training, and studies in India, Abbi has used her knowledge to create a holistic nutrition & yoga business that has been up and running for the past 11 years. She does private coaching, public speaking (like her upcoming appearance in this springs Alt Summit Oasis conference), transformational events, and luxury yoga retreats (in Iceland, Greece, Morocco, and more).

Abbi meets you at the “intersection between wellness and business” because when your wellness habits are fueled, you can thrive in the business world! She advocates that everyone should “self-boss” and she gives so many great tips & pieces of advice that every aspiring boss babe should read!

Abbi Miller

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m Abbi Miller, and I run my own wellness and business coaching company. My background is in yoga and nutrition, and it has evolved now to supporting women to weave wellness with their work. Basically, I’m a giant nerd for a living and it’s really fun!

Who/What inspired you to venture into your career field?

It’s tricky because my work is very hybridized, you don’t see a lot of people doing what I do, so I don’t have a particular person who is my idol in my industry. I’ve always been a freelancer/entrepreneur. I’m used to doing what seems fun and hoping that people will follow. I’m pretty risk tolerant in that way and I think if I had to say one person, I had a yoga teacher named Dana Flinn. She owns a yoga studio called Laughing Lotus and she is a magical unicorn.

Dana attended an Ivy League school, she used to work on wall street and she opened a yoga studio that was just wild! She opened the studio in the early 90s when all the yoga studios were very simple and very quiet and she said: “We’re going to play Missy Elliot and have hot pink walls!” It’s so fun! She was one of the first female business owners who I saw and I was just like “Oh, I want to be like you.” I really admired how she did business. Dana is sassy and also has integrity. She is the person who I really saw embodying empowered leadership as a woman.

What is your typical day like?

Everyday is different, I’m working at home today. Normally I do go to the office a good amount and I kind of try to be 9-5 in my office which usually involves this (being on a computer for video calls). I recently moved to Austin, Texas, so 99% of my clients are all virtual right now. A lot of my work is talking to a computer, but I love it! The way I actually structure and manage my time and my days is always so different which is why I am a total systems nerd because it’s easy for everyday to feel chaotic and wild (like a wild animal).

Something that helps me is to focus on “Self-Bosing” and how to structure my days, track goals, and what metrics matter to me. I “Self-Boss” because it allows me to feel like I’m moving the needle and I’m not just like “Oh my God it’s all so urgent and it’s all crazy.” I have a method that I invented called the “Monday Magic Method.” It is what I do every morning to sit down and look at my annual goals, my quarterly goals, goals for the week, and create all of my time batching and systems for the week so I know exactly what to do, it’s changed my life for sure!

What is a piece of advice you could give to our readers?

Definitely intuition, trust your gut. Nobody knows what to do with your life or your business more than you do. We all need support, coaches need coaches, therapists need therapy, massage therapists need massages, we all need each other, not to say we don’t all need each other but this idea that somebody else has all the answers and ideas for your life is a lie. A lot of my work as a coach is helping women turn inward so they can find their own answers and trust their own answers.

What do you think has helped you the most with your success?

Aside from the privilege of being born in this country to loving beautiful parents and being safe and fed, I would definitely say discipline. I have always been a very strategic thinker, which is why I created the Monday Magic Method and different goal setting systems.

The difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline! You have to be in this dream space to make anything whether you are a painter, an author or a graphic designer. You need to be creative and be able to say ok cool how are you actually going to do it. Almost like moving from a place of ideation into action.

I see the bridge for that being discipline and that’s for sure one thing that has helped me most with my success. Another thing is intuition, that feminine instinct that we all have that makes us think “umm that doesn’t feel quite right” but we don’t really know why, or “I’m going to go for it, it seems crazy but I’m going for it!”

We have so much power in our gut, which I feel very strongly about as someone who studied nutrition, which is about our literal gut, but then also the metaphorical gut. If I had to say what helped me most with my success, it would be discipline and then intuition, the discipline to take action but also the intuition to listen for what to take action on.

What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome to achieve your goals?

Hmm how much time do you have? How many do you want to hear? The biggest challenge is probably the comparison trap and what people think of me. Its always this funny little dance of investing in your design and your branding and website and really believing in it. You want to curative it, love it and nurture it. On one hand everyone is looking and on the other hand no one is looking, nobody cares. It feels like “everybody cares” but nobody really cares.

You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching. I think it takes a lot of courage to birth anything, whether it is a human, a business, a book, or whatever that thing is that is coming from you, I think it takes a lot of courage, and there’s a point where if we wait for a time of fearlessness we will never do the thing. Realize that you have to feel the fear and do it anyway, take the courage, do not give a shit about what other people think, and just do what you want to do.

How do you reward yourself after a hard day’s/week’s/month’s work?

I have hard boundaries about when I work. For example, I do not work on weekends. That has really only been probably the last three years that I have really religiously committed to that and it has been huge. I also have client boundaries, for example I don’t text clients, I just try to keep it all on one or two platforms. And then also massages, I love massages. Massages are the best money I could spend in my entire life, I love it.

What is one sassy saying or quote that inspires you? Why?

In an interview with Cher she says “My mom said to me, ‘You know, sweetheart, you should settle down and marry a rich man,'” she continued, “I said, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.’” I love that quote! It is so relevant to today. I do have a man and he is fabulous but I think we all need to unsubscribe to the idea that we have to find our knight in shining armor who will love us and feed us and pay for our lives and start being our own knights in shining armor. I just read that quote and thought it was so empowering.

You get to travel a lot! Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

I go to this tiny Greek island called Amorgos where I lead my yoga retreat and I am obsessed with it. I’ve been to this island about five or six times and it is magical. I call it paradise, it is tiny and undeveloped but beautiful. It takes eight hours on a boat to get there and it’s just so remote. The people there are so kind, the pace is slower and the smell of the sea and the taste of the olive oil are just some reasons Amorgos is truly a magnificent place.

Who is your female hero? Who do you look up to or admire?

I really respect the work of Danielle LaPorte. Danielle is an author and speaker, who is fierce but also deeply feminine, and it’s an interesting balance. I really respect her work and how she is earning a living with such integrity.

How did you get to where you are today?

By not giving up, it was not easy! I wanted something so I just did it. There isn’t much more magic then that. I love to nerd out, meditate, pray and all those things but at the end of the day– I’m about to quote Yoda– “there is no try there is only do.” You either do it or you don’t.

Abbi Miller is an inspirational and an iconic boss babe! If you’d like to join her for her upcoming retreats, check out her website. She also has workbooks for women who are looking for ways to improve themselves and their businesses which you can find here, as well as interviews with some awesome biz babes that you can read on her blog! We want to thank her for taking the time for this interview and for sharing great advice with us and our readers!


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