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Web Exclusive :: A Pirated Letter From The Editor

Letter from the Editor pirated Jimmy

What’s going on Sass-Holes!!! Kim is stressed to the max trying to get this issue to press and didn’t have the time to write her normal editor’s letter so I’ve taken the reigns. This is her husband Jimmy chiming in for the editor’s letter and it’s going to be a doozy. So here goes, topic one: what will you find in the magazine for this issue? Some dope girls doing some dope stuff, that’s what you’ll find. We’ve got some broads who are in technology….some, who, like George Michael, gotta have faith….a piece on how to get your drink on with the Tenth Ward Distillery and how not to spill on fancy cocktail dresses. And there is also a little piece about visiting NYC, or as I like it to call it “where to spend some coin.”

Topic two: what’s been going on with the Sass crew. Well in case you didn’t notice, these chicks have been swamped creating these issues for you squares which is kinda what put me here. Sass sponsored the Goddess Jam, went to the Frederick Chamber of Business Expo, toured the Tenth Ward Distillery and also went lights out at Float Frederick. I myself watched a little TV and raked leaves — not quite as exciting, but not much is when compared to these women!

Topic three: Jokes. Here’s one: A pirate walks into a bar with the ships wheel sticking half way out of the front of his pants and says to the bartender, “Yarrrr, let me get a jack and coke.” The bartender says, “No problem, but what’s with the wheel? Isn’t that uncomfortable?” The pirate replies, “Yarrrr, it’s driving me nuts.” Thanks, I’ll be here all night, tip your servers and how’s your mom and them?

So that’s basically it for this pirated editor’s letter (that’s comic gold right there, a pirated letter with a pirate joke…never mind). Enjoy the issue, or episode as I like to call them. As always, support those who support Sass Magazine. Go to the businesses with ads you’ll find on these pages and tell them we sent you. This magazine is free and without them you’d probably be raking leaves with me instead of getting out there and being awesome. And if you really can’t get enough, bounce around this website, where you’ll find even more free content along with behind the scenes videos of various shoots for the magazine. I hear the editing is top notch and the videographer is quite dashing. Dueces!

Photo by Jessica Patterson Photography

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