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Sass Wellness Challenge Week 4 :: Move 30 ::

sass wellness challenge

Encouraging a more positive lifestyle through weekly health and wellness challenges with a supportive and fun social media following! (and prizes, did we mention prizes!?) For a full list of rules and goals, check out our Week 1 Challenge.

Week 4 :: Move 30

In the first three weeks of our Sass Wellness Challenge, we focused on relaxation, healthy eating and sleep habits. This week, we challenge you to get out and move around—this can be in the form of a traditional exercise workout or simply a way of making your everyday routines into movement. Week 4’s challenge is to exercise and/or move for 30 minutes a day.

  • Do I need to change clothes and sweat for 30 minutes? No, most movement counts, including vacuuming, walking to the post office, yard work, snow shoveling, walking the dog, etc.
  • Does the 30 minutes need to be continuous? No, exercise can be accumulated throughout the day in bouts of 10 or 15 minutes at a time.
  • What if I exercise for 20 minutes, do I get credit? No, you must move for a full 30 minutes each day in order to get credit for completing the challenge.
  • If I exercise 30 minutes in week 1, can I count that time now? No, you must accumulate the activity points during the appropriate week.
  • If I exercise for 60 minutes in a day, can I count those minutes over 2 days? No. Our goal of this contest is to help you establish a daily routine of health.

Need to catch up with our 2016 Wellness Challenge? You’re in luck! You can simply start here, on Week 4, and join us for the remainder of the challenge, or you can start on Week 1.

Looking for some inspiration or other suggestions? Check out our Week 4 Wellness Challenge Pinterest board with exercise suggestions, health apps, and much more!

Be sure to post on Facebook, Instagram and use #SassWellnessChallenge to be entered to win one of our weekly Sass Wellness Challenge prizes!


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