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Reasons Why I Love You Printable

shari's berries reasons why i love you

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love! Expensive presents and extravagant dates are always wonderful, but sometimes a simple gift means more.

This Valentine’s Day, give your special someone the gift of something homemade and full of love with this adorable book of reasons why you love them. Whether you’re gifting your mom, husband or best friend, this little “reasons why i love you” book will remind them of your love and let you fully express your feelings for them.

Follow the instructions below to make your own custom booklet:


• Printer
• Cardstock paper
• Hole punch
• Ribbon or twine
• Tape or glue
• Markers, glitter, etc.


  1. Download and print the pages you’d like to use in your booklet. We suggest using cardstock or thick paper.
  2. Fill out the “to” and “from” sections, and add reasons you love your significant other.
  3. Punch holes on the top left corner of the printables.
  4. Bind the booklet together by lacing the ribbon through the holes.
  5. Decorate and customize with photos, notes and drawings!

shari's berries reason why i love you______________________

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Here’s a Little Inspiration:

To help you get things started, try out a few of these suggested reasons you love your Valentine—but feel free to add your own personal touch as well!

Little Reasons Why I Love You:
1. I never have to ask you to do the dishes.
2. You leave me little love notes to find.
3. You know that sometimes I just need chocolate.

Emotional Reasons Why I Love You
1. You will always protect me.
2. You accept my faults.
3. You challenge me to be better.

Romantic Reasons Why I Love You
1. You love me unconditionally.
2. You tell me you love me every night before bed.
3. You think I’m beautiful inside and out.

Physical Reasons Why I Love You
1. Your smile is crooked and full of joy.
2. You make sweatpants look sexy.
3. Your voice is so soothing when I’m upset.

Serious Reasons Why I Love You
1.You care about my opinion.
2. You inspire me to accomplish my goals.
3. You make me a priority in your life.

Cheesy Reasons Why I Love You
1. You laugh at your own silly jokes.
2. We have endless inside jokes.
3. You stole my heart the moment we met.

Check out a full list of over 100 suggested reasons you love your significant other or valentine here.


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