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4 Ways to Relieve the Rainy Day Blues

rainy day

We have all experienced the rainy day blues at least once in our busy lives. The feelings of malaise or fatigue that sets in quickly and does not desire to uphold its powerful grip off our spirit. Often, we accept them and simply tell ourselves that “it’s going to be one of those days.” For a long time, I thought this same thought and found it challenging to overcome these sentiments.

I’ve found four approaches to the rainy day blues that have made me view dreary days as something to celebrate instead of dread.


To start, One of the easiest ways to help kickstart your personal happiness during the rainy-day blues is meditation. Meditation is quite simple, and it can be done in the comfort of your home at any time. Not only does it relax your entire body and mind, but it also relieves stress and negative energy from your body. I find meditation to be a crucial part of mental health because it assists in connecting you to your true self and all the inner emotions you may feel during a rainy day. Fortunately, there is no required amount of time to be able to meditate, so simply starting with a few inhalations from your stomach, not chest, can significantly reduce the feelings brought upon you by the rainy day blues.

Spending Time with Loved Ones

This manner of relieving your rainy day blues will go a long way for you overcoming any kind of sadness or mental fatigue that ensues during a rainy day. I find when I am around at least one other person during a rainy-day, my mood drastically increases.

When you are at ease enough with someone who is close with you, he or she will understand what you are going through and can at least be there for you. Call your sister, brother, father, mother, girlfriend or boyfriend, but try not to be alone when you are feeling a little blue, it will go a long way.

Looking at Rainy Days Differently

Something I challenge any reader to do when the gray skies are approaching is to look at these storms in a different manner. Instead of veering upwards and thinking gray, remember that behind every cloud or storm, there is a sky so blue, the ocean gets jealous from time to time. Also, rain is one of the most crucial aspects to our earth and it is necessary to survive; without it we would not be here. If you do not want to ponder not being here, then merely think of rain as something that nourishes all the flowers, plants, and animals that we cherish so dearly. There is no need to fret, the blue skies will return.

Doing What You Love

Perhaps the most important reliever of the rainy-day blues, doing what you love is crucial to not only to the days soaked in rain, but life in general. Each person is different and loves to do something that is unique to themselves. It is indeed difficult to desire to do anything but sleep or feel sad on days like today, but I found this to be so powerful not only on your mood, but for you overall love for life. Writing poetry for others is my absolute passion in life. What is yours?

The greatest gift of being human is the fact that we are all different. These tips helped me overcome the blues of rainy days, and maybe a few will help you, but the beauty of life is that you can find your own ways to cope. Just remember, peace starts within you.

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  1. Jennifer Dimino says:

    Great article with helpful suggestions! Thanks, Brendon!

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