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Making the Most of Living With Your Parents

After four years of the college life with being independent and going by your own rules, you’re back living with Mom and Dad. Back to the house rules. Back to Mom and Dad constantly asking where you are and what you’re doing. No more late-night hang out sessions with your friends watching Netflix. And above all, you may still be looking for a job that matches the degree you spent the last four years working for. Not feeling so independent anymore, uh?

But that doesn’t mean moving back home is a bad thing. You can use this time to connect with your parents on a whole new level now that you’re officially an adult. Ask your parents what did they do when they were your age. Did they have it all figured out when they were 23? Did they thought they would be doing what they are now at that time? What can you learn from them about your next move? Who knows, you might have something in common you didn’t know before! Remember, your parents wanted you to go to college so you can have access to more opportunities. They want to help you, not tell you what to do. You worked hard to earn your degree and your parents want you to be happy in your career. Open up to them. Tell them your goals and plan. Tell them your fears and worries, they went through that time in their lives too. You may still be their son or daughter, but you are no longer their child.

Another benefit of moving back home after college is the lifesaving money-saver it is! Student loans and debts will take time to pay off. Buying or even renting a place to live is not cheap, especially if you don’t have a full time job yet. Think living home with Mom and Dad as another semester in school, because you still got a lot to learn about living on your own. You think learning how to do your own laundry was hard, try paying the mortgage. At home, while planning your next step in life, you can prepare for the little things. Ask you parents for advice on how to keep a budget. Take over cooking for dinner a few times a week. Research insurance companies so you can have an idea of what you want before you go off your parents’ insurance. Then before you know it, you are prepared to support yourself when you are ready to move out again.

Moving back home should not be a step back, but a step forward. You are no longer a student; you are an adult. It’s okay not to move straight into your own place after graduating from college. It doesn’t make you any less of an adult. This is the time to prepare yourself for adulthood without giving you extra stress of finances and bills. You can take this time to figure out career goals, set a budget and savings account, and learn new skill or two. Give yourself a break, you’ve earned it.

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