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11 Makeup Products I Love


As a lifestyle and beauty blogger, I often get asked what my favorite beauty product is. It’s a tough question to answer! There are so many variables! The beauty products I choose on a given day depend on the time of year, the time of month (right, ladies?), or occasion I’m going to  the list goes on!

However, there are some items that are always with me, no matter what. I’m gaga over these makeup must-haves!

My List (by priority)

Clinique 3 Step

My holy grail! I have used this for years now and have no plans on ever changing.  It’s my base – good clean skin – nothing else works if you don’t have that.  To remove makeup I will use the rise off foaming cleanser first then my 3 step which includes soap, clarifying lotion (which is your exfoliator) and dramatically different moisturizer = DDML.  I am a #3 in the Clinique world so mine is the gel version = DDMG.

Clinique City Block SPF 40

This serves as dual purpose and has been around for years. It works the same in a lot of ways as BB primers. It has sunblock, in two strengths—25 SPF or 40 SPF.  Clinique City Block acts as a barrier to your skin and the environmental elements. It evens out your skin tone while giving your skin both a glow and a matte look at the same time.  It’s great alone or before foundation.

Maybelline Brow Pencil

This is iconic, cheap, and WORKS! Obviously it’s for brows, but it works as a soft eyeliner and even better a really neutral lip liner! YES, a lip liner! The color can be close to that of MAC “Spice” or “Dervish”. Use the dark blonde brow pencil for a softer natural lip liner look, then top with gloss or lip-balm.  You will always find a Maybelline brow pencil in my handbag, makeup drawer, and gym bag—always.

NARS Blush Bronzer Duo

Featuring the classic “orgasm” blush color works for everyone, I swear! Paired with the matte “Laguna bronzer.”  Perfetto! The duo is matte and can even be used on your eyelids and lips with gloss for subtle, easy vacay look.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

This is a game changer folks! The lotion comes in six shades. I use it on special dates, at the beach, while traveling, and all Spring and Summer when my legs are outta hiding. Great on abs & decolletage as well.  *Make sure your legs are very moisturized when applying.

Sheet Face Masques

Right now, I am obsessed with Skinceuticals bio-cellulose restorative masque!  I think it is filled with magic—honest! I use them when I travel before a special event or just when I need a pick me up.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original

I have tried the other versions and they are not as good—especially the anti-aging one.  It actually is drying.  The Original Potion, as shown above, is super.  Really does what it says.  It smooths your eyelids—giving a good base for eyeliner, shadow or even just a naked lid and mascara.  I have tried them all and this NEVER fails me!


Fountain – Beauty Molecule

This is a liquid collagen inside beauty drink.  It has a resveratrol + Water Matrix and comes in a lovely pomegranate flavor.  I drink it every day and it makes you pretty from the inside out! The line has several beauty drinks and other collagen drinks I love. I also like Vital Collagen Protein Powder—lots of flavorless protein!

YSL All Hours Foundation

This is a great medium to full coverage foundation. I don’t really need full coverage, I just like to give myself a “blank slate” and nice canvas to apply makeup.  You can also use it for spot touch-ups.  It may be drying for some, so make sure you are moisturized. I use a good face oil to combat the possible dryness. It blends and lasts quite a whilearound 8 hours!

Ecobrow Defining Wax

This is a fantastic brow wax I fell in love with a few years back.  I stumbled upon it after a brow threading and shaping class by Rebecca, the owner of Maven Beauty Bar, in Downtown Historic Frederick, MD. it comes in 6 shades, so you’re sure to find a match. I use “Penelope” and adore Ecobrow’s defining brush for application and brow taming.

makeup 2

Benefit “Bad Girl Bang” Mascara

This Benefit mascara is tops!  Simply put, it covers and lengthens your lashes. I didn’t realize mine were still so long until I put this on! Pair with some gel eyeliner on the top and bottom waterline and BANG! “The world will be at your mercy!” When possible, I grab the mini version for travel. To be honest, I’m picky with my mascaras and hate spending a fortune on disappointing onesespecially since they do need replacement often.

Images provided by Lori Tauraso

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