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In Honor Of Fall…

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I am not a huge fan of Fall (Gasp!). I know, I know, many of you out there absolutely LOVE Fall. But, I’m a summer girl at heart. I hate the cooler temps, the decreasing hours of sunlight, seeing all the flowers and plants wither away, and the ominous threat of winter approaching (because Winter is Coming, did you know?).

But, in honor of the beginning of Fall, and as a way to think positive about the changing weather ahead, I have created a working list of all the positive things about fall (in no particular order).

1. Hot Chamomile Tea
2. Fall TV
3. Warm baths
4. Anything apple or pumpkin flavored
5. Scarves
6. Boot season
7. Cozy, soft sweaters
8. The color of Autumn leaves
9. Hot cider (and the smell of hot cider)
10. Slippers (I swear by Mukluks)
11. Bonfires
12. Cool, brisk, refreshing air
13. The smell of Fall (see #2, 4 and 9)
14. Fires in the fireplace
15. Thanksgiving and Halloween
16. Jeans and hoodies
17. Curling up under a blanket, reading a good book
18. The sound piles of leaves make when you step on them
19. Honeycrisp Apples
20. Homemade soup
21. Fall/Seasonal beer
22. Wool coats
23. Hot chocolate

Please send us your own additions via Facebook or Instagram and we’ll add them to this growing list! Be sure to use #SassFall with your posts!



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