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Girl Power Weightlifting Photo Shoot

girlpower weightlifting

Behind the Scenes Video!

We enjoyed our day at SoldierFit Frederick for our weightlifting photo shoot. Here’s a quick look at some of the behind-the-scenes footage!


Behind the Scenes Photos

sass_bts_weightlifting1_postDo you even lift, bro? Michele waits for the shot while Jen and Kristy look on (left). And Karen chalks up while Carly, our photo shoot host from Soldierfit, and Karen’s husband, Rick, observe (right).


sass_bts_weightlifting2_postOur photographer Doug from Douglas Via Photography gives the girls some direction.


sass_bts_weightlifting3_postGroup shot while Jimmy catches some video footage.


sass_bts_weightlifting4_postMichele waits for the shoot to start (right); and we put Jimmy to work as he cleans up post-photoshoot (left). Lots of chalk on the ground…gains, bro!


sass_bts_weightlifting5_postAnd that’s a wrap! We had a great time with this photo shoot at Soldierfit! Top, from left to right: Jimmy Dow (videographer/clean up crew), Michele Fettner (model); Jen West (model); Rick (just there to support his wife, but we put him to work anyway); Karen Gue (model); Kim Dow (Sass owner/publisher); Bottom, L-R: (Kristy Kranak (model); Carly Lederer (SoldierFit photoshoot host & Sass supporter).

A huge thanks to Doug Via of Douglas Via Photography for being our awesome photographer for this story (be sure to check out his photos in our Spring 2016 issue) and to SoldierFit Frederick for letting us use their space for the photoshoot. Additionally, a big thanks to Jimmy Dow for our behind-the-scenes video. And, of course, big thanks to Michele, Jen, Karen and Kristy, our super strong and beautiful models!

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