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5 Destinations Perfect for Female Travelers

female travelers

With the increasing popularity of solo travel, people are finding new ways to connect with cultures and locals abroad. Women, especially, can find solo travel to be a boost to their confidence. Traveling solo can be a way to see the world without having to coordinate plans with others. While traveling alone can seem daunting, a woman can enjoy solo travel to any place that a man can go alone. Keeping in mind to be familiar with the surrounding area and educated about the destination. These relatively safe but adventurous destinations are great for traveling solo as a female.

Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon Rainforest via Flickr

The Peruvian Amazon offers a secluded retreat with a chance to experience life in the jungle. Although much of the jungle is inaccessible, visitors can choose from different sites around Peru’s Amazon, such as Tambopata or Posada. Lodges in the jungle have guest rooms on palm stilts and usually act as all-inclusive resorts given the remote location. Visitors can watch wildlife from a canopy tower, hike through the jungle, or take a boat ride down the river. The trained guide and group excursions many of the lodgings organize make this a great solo trip.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Tram via pixabay 

As the second most populated city in Australia, Melbourne has a vibrant city life with lower crime rates than Sydney. As a cultural and artistic city, Melbourne is known for its street art, museums, and Victorian architecture. The architecture is noted in older city buildings and homes. In addition to its cultural side, it also boasts gardens, parks and animal sanctuaries. The Werribee Open Range Zoo, Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, and Phillip Island Nature Park let animals roam relatively free. The parks also allow visitors to tour the parks and interact with some of the animals. The moderate weather through much of the year and warm summer make anytime great for a visit to this city.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Ang Thong via Flickr 

Koh Samui in Thailand is a popular destination that has a range of activities to interest any woman. Koh Samui offers several fun activities from relaxing on the beaches to visiting temples. This city also has a vibrant nightlife near Chaweng and Lamai beaches. Or, tourists can enjoy the quiet life on Maenam Beach. Luxurious beachfront bungalows are common in the more popular tourist areas so that even the budget-conscious can enjoy a villa on the beach. It is a hub for tourists who plan to do island hopping. You can take ferry to join a full moon party in Koh Phangan or take a snorkeling trip to Koh Tao or Koh Nang Yuan. With nice weather year-round, travelers can conveniently book their trip any time of the year. There are also a lot of activities to do in Koh Samui even during the rainy season or the height of summer.

Dublin, Ireland

Guinness Storehouse Tour via Flickr

Ireland is a country known for its low crime rates in comparison to many other European countries and friendly locals. City streets are usually busy at night making it safer to walk alone. Apps like Girl Crew can help women find fellow female solo travelers or even locals who are interested in going to the same events or a night out. With all the activities Dublin has to offer, such as a tour at Guinness Storehouse, a walk through St. Stephen’s Green, or pints at Temple Bar, there is plenty to do to keep busy. Solo travelers can also take the train or bus on day trips to other cities on the east coast of Ireland. It is a short train ride to see the coast in Howth or to Belfast to see the Titanic Museum.

Aqaba, Jordan

Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan via Flickr

Out of the good solo holiday destinations in the Middle East, a trip to Jordan provides one of the more historical experiences. Aqaba is a coastal city with its own cultural heritage that is conveniently located to see many famous historical sites in the country. Women solo travelers can visit Mamluk Castle, a castle dating before the Ottoman empire, or the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, which includes artifacts from the seventh century. Aqaba is also a short distance from Petra, which boasts carved rock temples and royal tombs. Although female solo travelers might feel apprehensive about visiting, tourists from around the world are common in Jordan. While attire for women is more conservative than in many Western countries, it is common for women to wear modest shorts, sleeveless shirts and even bikinis at the beach or in areas popular with tourists.

A new adventure as a solo female traveler can help cultivate confidence while creating lifelong memories. The people travelers meet on the road means that solo travel is not the same as being lonely. These five destinations are safe places for females to travel alone. But, they still push the boundaries of comfort to try something new.

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