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Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

fall fashion shoot behind the scenes 2016

Behind the Scenes Video!

We didn’t let a rainy day get us down! With a last minute location/set change due to un-cooperating weather, we got creative for our Fall 2016 Fashion photo shoot, and made use of downtown Frederick parking garages. For this shoot, we focused on professional, career, work wear fashions with a creative twist. Here’s a look at some of the behind-the-scenes footage!

Behind the Scenes Photos

sass_fashion_fall16_1Even though we had to quickly come up with an alternative photoshoot location due to inclement weather, the downtown parking garages provided a very cool, industrial backdrop with a lot of photography options (and kept us out of the rain!).

sass_fashion_fall16_2We loved reuniting with the talented photographer Emily Gude for our Fall fashion photoshoot, and our models had great chemistry. Here, Emily works to get the shot, while Jimmy our videographer grabs some behind the scenes clips, and Kim, Sass Owner/Publisher art directs the shoot.

sass_fashion_fall16_4BSass’s fashion editor, Brittany Carpenter, not only styled our models head-to-toe, but also managed to find the most stylish umbrellas to use in this shoot too!

sass_fashion_fall16_5Our videographer (and Sass husband!) not only puts together our behind-the-scenes videos, but he also steps in as model when and where needed. Here, Jimmy and Emily do some lighting test shots.

sass_fashion_fall16_6The summer thunderstorms didn’t keep us down! Despite the weather, we had a blast at our Fall Career Fashion photoshoot. Above, our whole crew pose for an end of the night pose. From left to right: Jamie Shopland (model & Sass crew), Caprice Webb (model), Emily Gude (photographer), Courtney Stauffer (model), Brittany Carpenter (Sass Fashion Editor & Photo Shoot Stylist), Kim Dow (Sass Owner/Publisher), Leigh Caulfield (Sass Graphic Design & Photo Shoot Assistant).

Additionally, huge thanks again to our amazing photographer, Emily Gude Photography and Chic to Chic for providing head-to-toe styling and accessories for our models. Also, a big thanks to Jimmy Dow for our behind-the-scenes video.



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  1. Lori Tauraso says:

    Nice! Love the video – great location!

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