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Fall Farm Fashion Shoot

We had so much fun shooting our very first Sass Fall Fashion shoot. The Sass crew had fun trying our hand at modeling with our fabulous fashion photographer, Peyton Weikert. Set on a beautiful and serene horse farm in Boonsboro, Maryland (home of our very own bookkeeper, Alicia!), despite the rain, we had a blast as we were joined by horses, chickens, dogs, cats and more!

sass_bts_farmfashion2_postWe didn’t let a little rain get in the way! Jillian and Brittany dodging the quick shower.

sass_bts_farmfashion3_postOur photographer, Peyton, talking to the locals.

sass_bts_farmfashion4_postSay cheese, Jillian!

sass_bts_farmfashion5_postAll hands on deck and all eyes on Chrissy as she gets her sassy head shot done!

sass_bts_farmfashion6_postDecision, Decisions. Alicia can’t decide whether to go with the white top, or the other white top!

sass_bts_farmfashion7_postsass_bts_farmfashion8_postJen and Kim making some furry friends on the farm!

sass_bts_farmfashion10_postsass_bts_farmfashion11_postAnd that’s a wrap ladies!

Special thanks to our Fashion photographer, Peyton Weikert.

Also, a big thanks to Mary Kate McKenna Photography for some of our behind-the-scenes shots. Thanks to Chic to Chic Boutique for lending us their fabulous accessories. And, big thanks to Mike and Alicia Schwartzbeck for volunteering their beautiful farm for our first fashion photo shoot!


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