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Business Spotlight :: Wholistic Coaching Coalition

The Wholistic Coaching Coalition is an energetic and dynamic group of certified executive and life coaches. This group is dedicated to personal and professional development through retreats, workshops, and group coaching. They help women find their personal voice, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. The Coalition’s unique Wholistic Woman Retreats and coaching options produce a culture and community of nurture, affirmations, and a renewed sense of energy.

How did you decide on the business name?

We went with a non-traditional spelling of Wholistic (with a “W”) on purpose. It conveys our integration of body, heart, mind, and spirit – to be WHOLE. We refer to our events as Wholistic Woman Retreats. We believe that anytime we take a break (short or long) it can be a retreat. A retreat allows time to check-in with ourselves, get perspective, rest, and re-energize for work and life activities.

What makes your business stand out?

First and foremost, we have an abundant, non-competitive mentality. We invite collaboration and practice a culture of non-judgment, acceptance, and lifelong learning. Additionally, we have what we call a “Coach-Approach.” We accept women where they are while at the same time helping them become all they want to be. We create a safe space where they can be heard; where we ask powerful questions to expand their perspective, and teach new tools while encouraging them to take small, actionable steps forward.

The Wholistic Coaching Coalition seeks win-win partnerships, knowing we can create more together than any one of us could create on our own. We invite partner coaches and alliance partners to fill the gaps and lend their expertise to make us a solid, well-rounded, smoothly operating organization. We apply what we teach to our own organization. Using tools such as Strengths, One Word, Appreciation Languages, and more – we are a model of what a collaborative women owned company can be.

What is a typical day like at your business?

No two days are alike! Which is a good thing because we are creatives—we love variety and change. A typical month for us consists of monthly programs—which we call evening retreats—that deliver custom and unique events for women’s personal and professional development.

How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

Each coach in the coalition has worked to obtain credentials in her area of expertise, and brings her own personal experiences, strengths and leadership style. Kelye Rouse Brown is an executive coach with 25 years in HR/Training in the hospitality industry and is a joint venture partner with Minute Suites in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Laura Hall is a licensed physical therapist, a certified professional coach (CPC) and is also certified in Brene Brown’s Daring Way program. Carol deLaski is an ICF professional certified coach (PCC), an author and entrepreneur, and brings 25 years of telecommunications experience to the group.

How does the local social and technological environment impact your business?

Women’s issues are getting more and more attention in today’s world and media. Social media creates a world of unhealthy comparison, yet we promote the catch phrase ‘You be You’ to encourage women to embrace who they are; to stop comparing or trying to be someone they are not. Additionally, technology offers a great way to expand our message and culture even beyond our local community. For instance, our podcast “On the Grow” launched last year and we now offer group coaching via video conferencing calls!

What is the best part about what you do?

The absolute best part about what we do is witnessing women’s growth. Knowing we contributed to it with our tools, strategies, coaching and support. It’s why we started this organization in the first place!

What changes do you see happening in your business in the next year? In the next five years?

We are excited to take our organization to the next level. In 2019 we will be launching group coaching and taking our custom retreats on the road. In 2020 we’ll be offering a special Destination Retreat in Sedona, Arizona! Over the next five years, we plan to grow into a more national presence. We plan to offer more virtual group coaching and destination retreats. We also hope to provide couple retreats, and add coaching and retreating for men.

Who are your customers?

We have two target markets. First, individual women who are busy, do a lot for others and need to take time for themselves. We call them women-on-the-grow. They are wise enough to know they need to recharge themselves  and practice self-care, but maybe don’t know how or where to start. Second, groups, organizations or businesses that want to provide customize retreats for their employees, such as retreat centers, book clubs, or church groups.

When you’re not running your business, what are you doing?

We all have other work ventures we seek individually. Carol runs a private coaching practice, and is an author. Laura is a dental assistant in her husband Bill Hall’s practice, and Kelye is a joint venture partner with Minute Suites Dallas Ft. Worth and all of Minute Suites four airport locations. Plus, all three of us enjoy quality time with our families, friends, and traveling!

What matters most to you in your business?

Helping and guiding people to grow towards their full potential and to have an impact for overall good in the world

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