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Business Spotlight :: Transformed Med Spa

transformed med spa business spotlight

Transformed Med Spa of Frederick is a place that exudes positive change while helping women and men boost their self-confidence. Specializing in the latest advancements of skin care, laser treatments, body waxing and overall skin rejuvenation, nearly every type of skincare or body transformation service is available. Plus, clients can maintain their new-and-improved appearance through the spa’s lines of advanced clinical skincare products. The specialist of Transformed dedicate their time to ensure overall satisfaction of their clients and to make sure all clients achieve new levels of cosmetic confidence.

What makes your business stand out?

Located on Thomas Johnson Drive, our location is convenient and easy to access and our employees are all professional trained. We have designed our space to be aesthetically pleasing, an oasis for our clients. Additionally, we are rooted in the local community—all our employees live local!

How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

Transformed has dedicated the past 18 months to attending trainings, seminars, lectures, and conferences to gain valuable knowledge and expertise on skin care lines, laser treatments, injectables and fillers, and much more. We have strategically staffed Transformed with knowledgeable employees who have extensive backgrounds in skin care and aesthetics. Our staff is devoted to expanding their professional knowledge and are excited to attend upcoming trainings that will continue to build their individual skill sets.

What is it like to work for you/your business?

Working for Transformed is different from any other Medical Spa practices around the area. Our staff has been very involved with the building and designing of Transformed. We also value and encourage continuing education, supporting our employees in every way possible as they better their careers and knowledge. We value each of our employees—it truly is a pleasure to have each individual on the Transformed team. “Working for Transformed is like a large family get together”- says Rebecca Huffman, one of our Licensed Estheticians.

What is the best part about what you do? Most challenging?

The best part about working for Transformed is being able to see the instant boost of confidence our clients have after a treatment or session. Our staff provides each client with an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for them. The majority of clients see improvements almost immediately. Witnessing our clients’ transformation and excitement by providing new levels of cosmetic confidence is the best part of our day!

What changes do you see happening in the next year? In the next five years?

As Transformed continues to grow, our hope is to grow public awareness of our services and offerings, experience higher levels of clients, and to continue encouraging staff professional development. Our staff is excited to grow along with Transformed and the community.

Who are your customers?

Our clients vary from women and men of ages 16 and up. We have services that everyone is able to benefit from—from laser acne treatments, to facial and body waxing, skin care lines, and much more. We have designed Transformed to be comfortable to all genders, races, and ages. There truly is something for everyone at Transformed!

What matters most to you in your business?

Client satisfaction is what Transformed focuses on. However, not only is client satisfaction important to us, but we also focus on employee satisfaction as well.


For more information about Transformed Med Spa of Frederick, you can visit their site at For appointments or additional questions, call (240) 215-0154.

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