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Business Spotlight :: Capital Women’s Care

business spotlight: capital womens care

The following Business Spotlight ran in the Spring 2017 print issue of Sass Magazine.

Providing the highest quality medical care for women throughout the Frederick and surrounding regions, Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN offers both general obstetric and gynecologic care, as well as specialized women’s health care services. With a network of over 15 providers, we are lucky to provide our community with access to innovative health care options in our own backyard.

The experienced and dedicated staff members at Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN allow every woman in the Frederick and surrounding areas to have access to the individualized medical attention and superior care she deserves. The providers of Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN offer women’s healthcare options ranging from contraception counseling to annual pap smears, menopause management, and urinary incontinence treatment. Additionally, they specialize in minimally invasive in-office procedures that allow for same-day discharge with no hospital stay needed. Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN offers preconception counseling, prenatal appointments, ultrasounds and partners with Frederick Memorial Hospital for labor and delivery.

Where did your business name come from?
In 2005, Frederick OB/GYN joined forces with Capital Women’s Care, a large corporation that takes pride in providing excellent healthcare for women of all ages.

What makes your business stand out?
Our providers understand the busy lifestyle that our patients face. We strive to offer a variety of appointment times that include late-night, weekends, and access to appointments during lunch hours. We hope our unique approach to appointment scheduling helps to accommodate the lifestyle of our patients, so they are able to receive healthcare at their convenience. Our providers and staff are dedicated to our patients’ healthcare needs. We have created a team and atmosphere that allows the patient to be supported from diagnosis all the way through treatment and recovery.

What is a typical day like at your practice?
The great thing about our practice is that we never “close”— our light is always on. Our patients have constant access to providers, nurses, and staff. We have integrated Patient Portal and Call Centers to make sure we are always available as a healthcare resource. A day in the life of our practice varies from educating a young teen on changes her body will soon experience, to informing a woman she is pregnant for the first time.

What is it like to work for you?
Our local division of Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN has taken pride in creating an atmosphere of support, opportunity, and innovation for our employees. Each employee is given the opportunity to showcase ideas to improve operational workflow, patient satisfaction, and practice growth. We constantly encourage our employees to further their education and personal growth.

How does the environment of Frederick impact your business?
Capital Women’s Care, Frederick OB/GYN partners with the local community-based hospital, Frederick Memorial, to give the community access to healthcare at their fingertips. The practice and hospital are just a mile apart, never forcing a patient to go a long distance for their healthcare needs.

What changes do you see happening in your business in the next year? In the next five years?
Capital Women’s care, Frederick OB/GYN will be expanding our practice to serve the evolving healthcare needs of our patients. New providers will be joining our practice, and they will be adding additional expertise to our current provider base. Additionally, our practice plans to add new technology and options to bring the patient experience full circle.


Capital Women’s Care Frederick OB/GYN

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