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A Wine Lover’s Favorite Bargain Wines

budget wines

Ladies, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy delicious wine. My favorite sport is hunting—bargain hunting. Finding good bargain wines is like winning a game, and I’m all in. I’m a humble Charm City Girl, born and raised on the west-side of Baltimore’s concrete jungle. My palate has always been unique (the perfect scenario for blind tastings). What causally began as volunteering at the local wine festivals, quickly progressed into a lifelong infatuation with the fermented grape. My tenure in the Maryland wine industry spans over a decade. I am a wine enthusiast, as well as a tasting room associate at a local winery and vineyard. At the Capital Wine School in Washington, DC, I study all things wine. I love sharing my experiences in viticulture.

Here are a few of my favorite bargain wines, ranging in price from $5-$15:

13 Celsius (Sauvignon Blanc)

This vino is a fruit-forward white wine, hosting notes of apricot and bright acidity. My first taste of this beauty was at happy hour. Talk about a bargain, I paired the wine with open shell raw oysters, $1 each. This was the happiest hour ever!

Boordy Blush (White Zinfandel)

Now this is one of my hidden secrets. Boordy Blush ranges in pricing depending on the season. Pink is my favorite color, so this Blush earned “wine-me” points before the wine ever left the bottle. Made from one of my favored grape varietals, Zinfandel. This delicious vino tastes delicious during the Spring/Summer months, while sitting on the backyard deck at a family gathering, waiting for my turkey burger to be flamed on the grill.

Crane Lake (Moscato)

This wine is a winner, made from a blend of Muscat and Chardonnay grapes. Try sipping during brunch with a splash of orange juice. Pair with waffles, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar. I call this “Mommy Time”. And we deserve it!

Pepperjack Barossa (Red Blend)

This wine is a blend of eight red grape varietals. Predominantly created with Shiraz, I’m sure to say that that this blend includes the “kitchen sink method”, as in everything but. Since this wine is a red blend, the tannins are soft to medium. Rounding out the flow are aromas of fresh berries and mocha. The bottle is a twist cap, no assembly required. A nice red wine to enjoy with or without a steak or date.


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