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6 Vegan Fashion Brands to Follow

Veganism is not just about avoiding eating animal products (such as meat and dairy) — it’s also embracing the concept of not supporting any use of animal products. While eating vegan is a great place to start, you can also shop for cruelty-free skincare and makeup, as well as vegan clothes and accessories.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find vegan fashion brands. Such fashion brands not only make clothing that adheres to this ideal, they also make clothing that looks and feels wonderful. Here are 6 vegan fashion brands to pull inspiration from:

Stella McCartney

One of the United Kingdom’s most respected designers, McCartney has been hailed for her desire to be ethical at the same time. Her devotion to veganism began early in life and has continued ever since. Her designs showcase the use of varied types of fabric and color. One of her latest innovations is the use of vegan silk. It’s a process that creates wonderful fabric that is also totally vegan. Her goal is to make people think about what they’re wearing and why it should be ethically sourced. This is an ideal choice for a high-end fashion client in search of clothing they can love wholeheartedly

Stella McCartney’s “Tiffany” Dress made of vegan silk

Matt & Nat

The vegan customer in search of minimalism should look no further. This is the place to find lots of fabulous eco-friendly, vegan bags with great color and details. It’s also the place to head for amazing accessories designed to call attention to any woman’s best features. All the items here are made from resources already present such as recycled materials. They’re also all about using organic products in new and innovative ways that are designed to promote sustainability and keep the planet safe for the next generation.

Small satchel bag “Krista” in black

John Bartlett

Barlett is one designer looking to make his life and career consistent with his personal vegan ideals. During fashion week, he made headlines with his vegan line of menswear. Since then, it’s been all about showing off what veganism can do for fashion. His products are about harnessing the power of vegan ideals and using it to create fashion that work for all his clients. In the process, he’s continued to accumulate kudos and demonstrate how it’s possible to create fashion that is forward and modern and yet also cruelty free. He’s one designer that all vegans should watch closely in order to find inspiration and products they can use in their own lives.

John Bartlett at the CFDA Awards wearing vegan menswear

Melie Bianco

People who love vegan fashion are always on the lookout for designers who can make their plans come to life. They want to create a head-to-toe look that not only includes basic fashion items but also all sorts of accessories. One area in particular where vegan fashion has soared is in the range of varied kinds of handbags. Designer Melie Bianco makes handbags that are beautiful but also made with vegan principle in mind. Each handbag is made from the finest quality vegan leather. Vegan leather is a premium product that can be used to create marvelous effects. All the handbags Bianco creates are about using items that are cruelty free and making sure that workers also have great conditions as they work. The net results are highly popular bags that clients all over the world love and find it easy to use every day.

The “Aly Crossbody Bag” in black


For the woman who wants to show off her figure and yet keep to her ideals, this is the designer for them. Women everywhere want to feel sexy as they go about their day. Miakoda understands that. The garments produced under this label showcase the possibility of the body. Each one is designed to demonstrate that is possible to have fashions that are sexy but yet also vegan. Design excellence means that every single item has been fashioned with care. It also means the adherence to the principles of fashion design to create clothing conscious of the body; as well as conscious of the need to love and preserve the earth. The skillfully crafted line is one that offers one hundred percent vegan clothing. Not only is the clothing made with vegan materials, the packaging is completely one hundred percent recycled.

The hybrid of a bralette and a cami, the “Brami” and the high-waisted jogger pant.

Cri de Coeur

French for cry of the heart, this is one fantastic design company that truly cares. The goal of this design group is to make it clear that veganism is not just about eating properly. It’s also embracing a total lifestyle. All of the designs they create are dedicated to making the most of the earth’s resources and showing what is possible. They create designs that are full of life and full of the use of varied kinds of color. This is the place to go to look for fashionable shoes that are completely vegan. The same is true of the accessories they offer as part of their overall line. They use lots of high quality vegan fabrics including organic cotton and hemp as well as reclaimed wood. The results are lovely designs that speak from the heart and to the vegan soul.

The “Arden Wohl X CDC Spartali Bootie” in green floral

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