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Sass Tries Barre For A Month

sass magazine visits barre east

Back in April, the Sass team was invited to experience a private class at Barre East in downtown Frederick. Most of the group had never tried barre before, and while I had gone to Barre East a few times in 2016, I was just as nervous as everyone else! Co-managers Taryn Sisco and Megan Ellis greeted us that evening and Taryn kicked our butts with an intense workout!

Three members of our team (Kim, Ashley and myself) decided to commit to one month of classes at Barre East. Because of my unique schedule (I work during the day and my husband works at night, and we trade-off on caring for our toddler), the only times I could attend Barre were 6 a.m., 7 a.m. and the 4 p.m. Sunday class. I’m a morning person, but even I think 6 a.m. is early! I honestly thought I’d be miserable, and wondered why I had agreed to do it. But look — I survived to write this article! In fact, I enjoyed my experience so much, I signed on for six more weeks of classes!

Kim says, “My first class was pretty eye-opening… I was tired by the end of the warm-up! But, by the end of the class, I felt great and knew I really worked my muscled — hard! After attended classes for about 4 weeks, one day I looked at my arms and thought “Holy Crap, where did that muscle come from!?”

Ashley says, “I was slightly intimidated by Barre initially. Although I was drawn to it because of the amount of ballet involved, I am NOT quite the ballerina I once was — and I’m definitely not as flexible! I mainly did the Barre Express class, which for a beginner was just enough to get into it but not over do it. I was definitely feeling the burn by the middle of the class…and REALLY feeling it about a day and a half later. I loved that even though most of my classes were by the same instructor, every class was different, so it didn’t get monotonous. I definitely saw a change in several muscle areas, in just 2-3 classes a week, over a months time.”

I second both Kim and Ashley’s sentiments. I had to laugh at Kim’s comment about being tired by the end of the warm-up! When I first started into my month of barre, I wondered if I’d ever be able to make it through the whole workout without hating my life. Now I’ve found that I actually look forward to certain moves (particularly working out triceps and anything at the barre). While I don’t love waking up at 5:20 for a 6 a.m. workout, I DO love that at 7 a.m. my whole day is ahead of me — I never fail to leave the morning class feeling energized and ready to take on whatever the day brings. I often feel so high on endorphins that I continue to exercise by taking a long walk or jog. Plus, I’ve found doing a morning workout helps me make healthier food choices (a common phenomenon). Overall I feel stronger, I see more definition in my arms, legs and stomach, and as a mom, I love having 45-60 minutes set aside for taking care of just me.

I asked Taryn the following questions to help you get to know Barre East better:

What are some specific ways you have seen barre positively impact your clients?
“One client in particular says we saved her life [because of] the community and the mental well being we provided. All of our pregnant clients have credited Barre East for helping them have a great pregnancy and hoping for a speedy recovery. And our runners all say that their running has improved — they say they are faster, stronger, longer!”
Why should someone choose barre over a different type of workout?
“Its a full body workout that is low impact, so it’s kind on your joints, but it’s high intensity so your muscles work hard. Barre sculpts, tones and defines your body. Your first class is always free so you can check it out for yourself. If you stick with it you will see results plus we are AWESOME — we play great music! Why would you not join us?”
What are some ways Barre East has partnered with community events in the past, and can you tell us if you have anything fun coming up?
“We constantly try to partner with local businesses during our happy hour at the barre events. We like to welcome small businesses into our studio to connect them with our clients. We also partner with local charities a few times of year and donate all the proceeds of a particular session to that charity. Most recently we are putting together a running team for the Frederick Women’s Distance Festival!”

Thanks for supporting Sass, Barre East!

Working out those leg muscles at the barre! – photograph provided by Barre East
Managers Megan Ellis and Taryn Sisco – photograph by Ashley Bailey





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